💫 #Genesisofabrand #comingsoon
📸 Credit : @francoisprost
💫 #Genesisofabrand #comingsoon
📸 Credit : @francoisprost
💫 #Genesisofabrand #comingsoon
📸 Credit : @francoisprost
Throwback to the Kigali's study trip last February. Do you want to be part of the next EMBA adventure? Join the 5th cohort of this unique executive education experience at Africa Business School. Visit our website to know more.
#ABSValue of the month : For this last quote about #Diversity, we gave the floor to our IT Specialist Ali Bendalahcen, here is what diversity means to him :
"What makes a mosaic painting beautiful and attractive, is the way its very different pieces all perfectly fit together. Diversity is at the core of every beautiful thing."
And you, what does Diversity mean to you? #ABSstaff #ABSValueOfTheMonth #diversity
#ABSValueOfTheMonth One of #ABS values is Diversity, we asked Benoit Aubert, Director of Academic Affairs, what diversity means to him.
"Diversity means welcoming, listening, exchanging with people who are very different from oneself and gaining in humility and wisdom by their side."
And you, what does Diversity mean to you ?
#Passion #Boldness #Resilience #Diversity #Mindfulness
Even in this new situation, the ABS team stays true to its values. This month's value is #Diversity. Here is what our Senior Marketing Officer Sofia Alouane thinks about it : "Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another's uniqueness."
And you, what does Diversity mean to you? #workfromhome #ABSstaff #ABSValueOfTheMonth #diversity
At ABS we switched to 100% remote working! Yesterday was our first workshop from home. 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻 #ABSteam #ABSfamily #workfromhome #stayathome
Little girls with big dreams change the world. Happy international women's day from #AfricaBusinessSchool .
#ABSValueOfTheMonth our Junior Program Officer Ghita SRAIRI shared with us this inspiring quote about the power of passion in her life :
"In life, there will be ups and downs, and passion is the key to uplift the downs."
#Passion #Boldness #Resilience #Diversity #Mindfulness
#ABSValueOfTheMonth Passion is one of our values, we asked Mohammed Rissali, Market specialist at ABS, what passion means to him :
"Passion is when you are disadvantaged in a long chess game, against your opponent's powerful position. But you resist, stay concentrate and strongly believe in your chances. Finally, a flash of insight : you find that wonderful queen sacrifice that will make you win the game."
#Passion #Boldness #Resilience #Diversity #Mindfulness
We were curious to know what our Visual communication expert FERIANI Samir has to say about our value of the month #Passion. He didn't hesitate to share this inspiring quote. "If you have passion, don't worry about the future as you are already designing it in the best way"
#AfricaBusinessSchool #values #Passion #Boldness #Resilience #Diversity #Mindfulness
#ABSValueOfTheMonth One of our values at ABS is Passion, we asked Bahiya Hanoun, Head of development and marketing at ABS, what passion means to her. And you, what is your passion ?
Bahiya Hanoun :"I have been passionate about reading fantasy novels since early childhood. This passion blossomed as I grew older, it became for me a way to travel intellectually and create imaginary worlds.” #ABS #Passion #value
The energy was electric for the EMBA cohort 4 participants on their last day of strategy class with Prof. Stephan Meier from @columbia_biz as they completed the course ! #EMBAABS #ABSDare
Africa Business School is pleased to welcome a group of students from @univdauphine who will be partaking in the International Management Master program in the next four months at the @um6p_officiel campus.
Africa Business School wishes you a successful and fruitful New Year !
#Passion #Boldness #Resilience #Diversity #Mindfulness
#ABSQuotes Faris Derrij, OCP's EVP of Human Capital, addressing the Beyonders during a fireside chat at @un 6p_officiel