19 May 2022

Africa Business School wins the gold award in the EFMD 2022 Excellence in Practice awards

Africa Business School received the Gold EFMD Talent Development Award for the Beyond program on May 19, 2022. This custom program was jointly created and conducted by, Africa Business School, IMD and OCP Group.

This international award honors Africa Business School for its academic and pedagogical excellence in assisting corporate clients. It demonstrates ABS’s efficacy in building inspiring and effective leadership at all levels by contributing to inclusive and transformative leadership culture.

Beyond is a two-year curriculum meant to meet the changing world and provide participants with many possibilities to learn, explore, make a distinctive influence, and grow following their goals. The program’s first cohort of 50 participants alternated between off-the-job academic learning and on-the-job action learning.

“The Beyond program – given its strong connection to the field- has disrupted both how custom programs are designed and the purpose of these programs, which addition to upskilling employees, has become a powerful driver of change within the company”. @Yasmina Lamtiri, Director of Custom Programs at Africa Business School

“In more than two decades of executive education, I have not seen a learning design with such a wide impact. It affects not only individuals, but the entire organization as well as the community. This is a realization of IMD’s purpose to develop leaders who transform organizations and contribute to society”. @Bettina Büchel, IMD Professor of Strategy and Organization, IMD

The beyonders are on a path that includes real projects, working on the company’ most strategic initiatives, technology advancements, and executive training.

“For me , one of the program’s mains success indicators was when, after a couple of months of on the job projects, many OCP business leaders called me and asked if they could host Beyonders in their teams. They had heard positive feedback from their peers about the Beyonders’ performance and the quality of their delivery. Even today, they call and say: “Don’t forget to involve me in the second cohort; I will be there for you”. This really lends credibility to the program.” Taoufik Samsam

“Through Beyond and Learnin’Pact, we build capabilities which have brought learning and development to new heights.” Latefa Zazi, VP Talent Management and OCP Learning Institute

About the EiP EFMD Award :

This award honors the most outstanding leadership and development programs created by businesses and academic partners each year. The program’s educational quality and organizational impact are given special consideration when choosing the winners. The jury considers four main factors: the submitted application’s quality and documentation, both parties’ commitment and the partnership relationship, the relevance of the proposed training program (pedagogical design and methods, impact measurement and follow-up of participants, deliverables…), and the direct impact on the company’s activities.

Africa Business School wins the gold award in the EFMD 2022 Excellence in Practice awards - Africa Business School