22 November 2019

Africa Study Trip in Kigali for EMBA students

ABS organized a Africa Study Trip in Kigali for the 3rd cohort of the EMBA program in February 2020

This learning expedition included meetings with company leaders, as well as visits to government officials to offer a tailored economic and geo-political understanding of the context. The trip provided a glimpse into the culture, practices, challenges, and opportunities of Rwanda. The week-long experience  included a welcoming dinner with SE Moroccan Ambassador, a workshop by the Ministry of Agriculture and General Secretary on Food security, along with several company and university visits (Bank of Africa, Volkswagen, African Leadership University, University of Rwanda). As part of the extracurricular activities, a basketball game was held at the OCP/NBA court, as well as a one-day Safari trip to Akagera national park.

Africa Study Trip in Kigali  for EMBA students - Africa Business School