01 September 2021

PhD Accreditation

The National Agency for Assessment and Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Scientific Research (ANEAQ) grants Africa Business School accreditation to the school’s Ph.D. Programs.

The certification covers doctoral programs in Business, Management, Collective Intelligence, Education, and Hospitality.

Accordingly, ABS is proud to announce the launch of its first Ph.D. cohort, starting October 2021.

Africa Business School Ph.D. program is a three-year program designed using the guidelines of the Moroccan Education Ministry.

The vision of the Ph.D. Program is:
Enhancement of the quest for knowledge and lifelong learning skills in line with the global, local and African development.
Acquaint the researchers and executives with knowledge of conducting research.
Boost the competence to engage in the scientific investigation process leading to intervening and impactful results.

More details about the ABS Ph.D. Program is available at:
PHD | Africa Business School (um6p.ma)

PhD Accreditation - Africa Business School