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Africa Business School campus, Rabat, Morocco

40 days over 12 months

English & French

Target participant profile
ABS GMP Program has been designed for any candidate aspiring to broader management / leadership positions, for instance High-functional experts and managers, High-potential Managers

GMP - Africa Business School


5 core certificates (5 face-to-face days each + e-learning):
Developing new forms of leadership,
New ways of managing operations,
Driving growth,
Designing new business models,
Adopting new ways of doing business

2 deep-diving electives among : Business Analytics and AI, Innovative Corporate Finance, Supply Chain and Logistics, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Energy and Sustainability, Doing Business in Africa.
Possibility of registering for a single certificate, offered once a year
7 certificates = Global Management Program Degree


ABS GMP program provides solid management & leadership foundations, innovative concepts, new ways of thinking and practices that will :
Ensure the immediate usefulness of learning while ensuring impact on longer-term transformation
Allow managers to face the challenges of an increasingly complex landscape. Increase participants’ self-awareness and self-confidence in broader leadership roles

GMP - Africa Business School

Learning Outcomes

Acquire and apply the fundamental concepts in the area of study, in context
Function and communicate effectively autonomously, as a creative leader, and collectively, as a team player and catalyst of learning, innovations and growth
Identify, formulate and implement innovative, socially and ethically responsible recommendations, adding value to an organization or the society, in Africa and beyond
Demonstrate leadership, for oneself and others, incorporating social, economical and ethical dimensions for an inclusive organization
Acquire techno-fluency, integrating technology and analytics in management
Embrace complexity and uncertainty for decision-making.

Admission requirements

Candidates must hold a 3-years degree (Bachelor or equivalent), a B2 level in English and 3 years minimum of professional experience. Recognition of prior learning and professional experience may be acceptable after the board’s evaluation of the application

Program schedule

GMP - Africa Business School