Start Date
October 2022


Africa Business School campus, Rabat, Morocco

2 Years (18 months of study and a 6 month internship)

100% English

QFM - Africa Business School


The Master’s program in Quantitative and Financial Modelling (QFM) has been designed to provide advanced training in novel quantitative approaches and techniques to solve complex challenges that the organizations face. The QFM provides specializations in quantitative modeling, data science, and financial engineering. With these three specializations, the program aims to cover a broad range of quantitative skillset required in various industries.

Learning outcomes

Understand the interconnectedness of real-world phenomenon and apply knowledge from multiple sources to collaboratively explore the innovative solutions.
Develop strong simulation and modelling abilities to solve complex scientific and industrial challenges in an ethical manner.
Enhance algorithmic and probabilistic thinking, scientific computing skills to successfully manage analytics projects.
Acquire a holistic view of financial markets and quantitative methods for decision making for investments and sustainable finance projects.
Imbibe a responsible leadership mindset, enriched professional communication and innovation project management skills

Employment opportunities

At the end of their Master, graduates generally work in the finance departments of companies, Stock Exchange Companies, Investment banks, Insurance, Pension funds and Regulatory bodies (CDVM, MFB).
Candidates will have the opportunity to work in positions such as financial analyst, risk manager, CFO, etc.

QFM - Africa Business School

Admissions criteria

Candidates must hold a 3-year Bachelor’s degree minimum, preferably in applied mathematics, statistics, or computer science. Given the nature of our ‘Master’s degree, basic knowledge of mathematics, probability, statistics, computer science (algorithms, programming), and databases is recommended. Candidates will be evaluated based on their skills and motivation.

Our support to your professional success

Our career services department will support you by:
Organizing career fairs
A professional coaching: professional project, CV and interview preparation
An access to our alumni database and events
A follow-up on your career progression.

Application requirements*

A Motivation Letter (in PDF format)
An up-to-date C.V.
Transcripts of the last 2 years of studies. A certified copy will be needed for registration in case of acceptance.
Copy of the latest degree or certificate of registration if the degree is not yet completed. A certified copy will be needed for enrollment in case of acceptance.
1 scanned photo.
1 scanned copy of a national ID or passport.
A certified copy will be needed for registration in case of acceptance.
A B2 level in English, which is asserted by either:
An official English test transcript, less than 2 years old at the time of application, showing a B2 level, e.g. IELTS >6.5; TOEFL IBT > 87; TOEFL CBT > 227; TOEFL PBT > 567
 Or an English test organized by ABS-UM6P during the admission process, with at least a B2 level.

*Original documents and / or certified copies will be required at the time of final registration.

QFM - Africa Business School

Tuition fees and Scholarship