Agnés Gorge - Africa Business School
Modeling & Analytics, Supply-chain, Operations research, optimization


Agnès Gorge graduated from Engineering School Supelec in Computer Science. She has worked for 6 years at EDF R&D on topics related to energy management.
Then she earned a PhD in applied Computer Science, focusing on combinatorial and robust optimization application to energy management, for which she awarded the 2014 Paul Caseau prize.
Before joining ABS, she was Principal at OCP-Solutions, OCP’s consulting firm, where she co-lead the practice “Modeling & Analytics”. This job was an opportunity to apply supply-chain optimization to OCP. She also developed her skills in commodities market modeling, worked on the quantification of strategic projects’ impacts and on data science projects. She was also responsible for the research program, covering Game Theory and Text Analytics.
She holds a MBA in Strategy and Leadership from ABS in partnership with Columbia Business School


A. Gorge, A. Lisser and R. Zorgati. Stochastic Nuclear Outages Semidefinite Relaxations. Computational Management Science
A. Gorge, A. Lisser and R. Zorgati. Semidefinite Relaxations for Mixed 0-1 Second-Order Cone Program. Lecture Notes in Computer Science
A. Gorge, A. Lisser and R. Zorgati. Generating Cutting Planes for the Semidefinite Relaxation of Quadratic Programs. Computer and Operations Research.

Business experiences in similar programs

Agnès Gorge has been a consultant for 6 years in Modeling & Analytics applied to many areas :
Supply-chain management
Game theory, commodities market & pricing
Transport & logistics
Quantification of impact related to strategic and innovative projects
Data analytics
Digital integration and change management

Companies for which (s)he has worked