David Hayes - Africa Business School
Professor of entrepreneurship at ABS-UM6P
Africa Business School
Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique
43150 – Benguerir – Morocco


David Hayes is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Africa Business School. Prior to this, he was a professor of entrepreneurship at Western California University and a professor at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, where he was responsible for entrepreneurship, business, and marketing courses.
David is an exceptional entrepreneur, educator, and innovator with an extraordinary record in business creation and corporate endeavors, an advanced educational and research background, and proven dynamic leadership, university instruction, and lecturing capabilities.
Prior to moving to academia, David was an entrepreneur and CEO of his own company, Tempus Software, Inc., a top-ten medical information technology company. He has also served as President and Managing Partner of Serendipity Design Studios, LLC, as well as Consultant and Board Member for eOptimize Advanced Systems, Inc. in Canada.
He was also President and Board Member of Patient Placement Systems, LLC, Atlanta, GA and Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Luv-It Wellness Foundation.
David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Operational Management from Auburn University, a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Florida, and a Doctorate in Business and Administration from Skema Business School, France and the Business Science Institute, Luxembourg.


David’s most recent publication is:
“Assessing and understanding entrepreneurial profiles of undergraduate students: implications of heterogeneity for entrepreneurship education”

Business experiences in similar programs

David has developed and led numerous conferences and hands-on sessions on topics such as innovation and creativity, future trends in education and careers, entrepreneurship, and business ethics.

Examples of intervention:
Led ENACTUS and US government partnership in developing and implementing the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Initiative (ESBI) in Tunisia, a real-world skills development, training, and mentorship program in entrepreneurship and business .