René Aïd

Author of the monography Electricity Derivatives, Springer, 2015. Co-editor of the book Commodities, Energy and Environmental Finance, Fields Institute Communications, Springer, 2015. Holder of a patent on demand response management..

Abdulkader Aljandali

Aljandali, A. and A. Benamraoui (2020) “Fintech: A Review of Recent Developments and Prospects” Journal of the Italian Bankers Association, BANCARIA 12/2020

Kallandranis, C., P. Kalantonis and A. Aljandali (2020) “Corporate Fixed Investment and Internal Liquidity: Evidence from Greek Listed Companies” Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review, 4(2), 68-76

Aljandali, A. and C. Kallandranis (2020) “Exchange rate modelling in the development community using the ARDL cointegration approach: The case of emerging markets” Journal of Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets & Institutions, 10(2), pp. 53-70

Aljandali, A. (2018) Economic & Financial Modelling with EViews. Springer, Cham: Switzerland “A practical guide of EViews aimed at practitioners and students in business, management, economics, econometrics, and finance.” (ISBN 978-3-319-92985-9)

Aljandali, A. (2018) Exchange Rate Volatility in Emerging Economies. Management Series: London “This book is a contribution to the knowledge concerning the volatility and forecasting of exchange rates in the emerging markets.” (ISBN: 9781910781791)

Aljandali, A. (2017) Multivariate Methods & Forecasting with IBM SPSS Statistics. Springer, Cham: Switzerland “This is the second of a two-part guide to quantitative analysis using the IBM SPSS Statistics software package; this volume focuses on multivariate statistical methods and advanced forecasting techniques.” (ISBN 978-3-319-56481-4)

Aljandali, A. (2016) Quantitative Analysis & IBM SPSS Statistics. Springer, Cham: Switzerland “This guide is for practicing statisticians and data scientists who use IBM SPSS for statistical analysis of big data in business and finance.” (ISBN 978-3-319-45528-0)

Aljandali, A. & Laaribi, A. (2015) The relationship between the EU and Morocco – in the EU and the Circle of Fire, published by Regent’s University London “This article reviews the relationship between Morocco and the European Union over several decades. The article examines the common vision between the two partners in light of continuing changes in the region, especially in terms of economic integration between the north and the south. A relationship deemed of great importance according to the authors”

Aljandali, A. (2012) Exchange Rate Volatilities in Africa: the case of the southern African development community, “This paper investigates exchange rates volatility in Africa particularly in the SADC countries”, International Academy of Business Management (ISBN: 0-9765288-7-8)

Benoit Aubert

Mission Pop Corn
De MacGyver à Game of Thrones

Axelle Bagot

Distinguish Crisis from Disaster: 5 Notes for Making Decisions, May 2020, European Business Review

Skander Esseghaier

Pricing Access Services, Marketing Science
Internet Recommender Systems, Journal of Marketing Research

Michel Fender

Michel Fender is co-author of several reference books in the field of Supply Chain Management and Strategy:
Next Generation Supply Chains. The guide for business leaders. (The Choir Press, 2020)
Le supply chain management en 38 fiches outils. (Dunod, 2019)

Agnés Gorge

A. Gorge, A. Lisser and R. Zorgati. Stochastic Nuclear Outages Semidefinite Relaxations. Computational Management Science
A. Gorge, A. Lisser and R. Zorgati. Semidefinite Relaxations for Mixed 0-1 Second-Order Cone Program. Lecture Notes in Computer Science
A. Gorge, A. Lisser and R. Zorgati. Generating Cutting Planes for the Semidefinite Relaxation of Quadratic Programs. Computer and Operations Research.

David Hayes

David’s most recent publication is:
“Assessing and understanding entrepreneurial profiles of undergraduate students: implications of heterogeneity for entrepreneurship education”

Dominique Jacquet

Dominique has published articles on the interaction between business strategy and sustainable value creation, and on innovation, R&D, uncertainty and real options thinking in resource allocation.

Mohammed Kharbach

Oil prices and electricity production in Morocco (Energy Strategy Reviews, 2018).
CO2 Emissions in the Moroccan transport sector: Decomposition and Cointegration. (Sustainable Cities and Society, 2017)
Fuel consumption efficiency for electricity and water production in Abu Dhabi (Energy Strategy Reviews, 2016)
Diversification criteria for power systems (Energy Policy, 2016)
Agriculture biomass potential in Morocco (the Spanish Journal for Rural Development, 2015), With N.Belakhdar et al.
Collusion and demand volatility (Economics Bulletin, 2015), with Michele Breton..
Renewable energy in Morocco, a Divisia approach (Energy Strategy Reviews, 2014), with N. Belakhdar et al
Price cap regulation, gas transportation and storage (Energy Economics, 2012) , with Michele Breton..
Who benefits from price indexing (Economics Bulletin, 2009), with Michele Breton.
A unidirectional Hotelling model, (Economics Bulletin, 2009).
The welfare effects of separating gas storage and distribution functions (Energy Economics, 2008), with Michele Breton.
Green House Gas emissions inventory for Pennsylvania, Department of Environmental Protection, USA (with Adam Rose et al).
General trends in Fertilizers’ Use in the 15 Largest Countries in the world (under review)
A Growth Curve Model for CO2 Emissions in the G19 Countries (under review)

Noureddine Lehdili

[1] Abdellatif Moudafi & Noureddine Lehdili, From Progressive Decoupling of Linkages in Variational inequalities to Fixed-point problems March 2020. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.19832.80645
[2] Noureddine Lehdili, Pascal Oswald, & Harold Gueneau. Market Risk Assessment of a trading book using Statistical and Machine Learning (Preprint), November 2019
[3] Noureddine Lehdili. & Arshia Givi. Efficient computation of Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall in large and heterogeneous credit portfolios: application to Default Risk Charge. Risk and Decision Analysis, 2018
[4] Noureddine Lehdili. & Arshia Givi On the gap risk management for financial products with discontinuous payoffs (Preprint)
[5] Noureddine Lehdili & Bernard Lemaire. The barycentric proximal method. Communications on Applied Nonlinear Analysis 6(2) · January 1999
[6] Noureddine Lehdili & Ouled Ahmed Salem. Proximal Methods: Decomposition and Selection. Optimization, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems, vol 481. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.
[7] Noureddine Lehdili & Abdellatif Moudafi. Combining The Proximal Algorithm And Tikhonov Regularization. January 1996 Convex Optimization 37(3):239-252

Muhammad Malik

Applied Psychology an International Review
Asian Journal of Management Cases
Journal of Organizational Behaviour

Youssef Ouknine

Prof. Ouknine has published more than 150 scientific papers in reputed international peer-reviewed journals such as “Annals of Probability”, “Annals of Applied Probability”, “Stochastic Processes and their Applications”, “Electronic Journal of Probability”, “Electronic Communications in Probability”, ”Bulletin des Sciences Mathématiques”, etc… He has been a referee and co-editor of several scientific journals of high international repute. He is also one of the initiators of international meetings in stochastic analysis and probability theory as well as several training schools in stochastic process theory.

List of  publications under ABS Affiliation:

Published Papers:
A Balance Sheet Optimal Multi-Modes Switching Problem, “Afrika Matematika”, vol.31, pp.219-236, (2020), (joint work with M. Eddahbi and I. Fakhouri).
Approximation Of Solutions Of Mean-Field Stochastic Differential Equations, “Stochastics and Dynamics”, (2020), (joint work with O. El Barrimi)

Accepted Papers:
Multidimensional BSDEs With Mixed Reflections And Balance Sheet Optimal Switching Problem, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series, (2020), (joint work with R. Belfadli, M. Eddahbi and I. Fakhouri)

Submitted Papers:
Reflected BSDEs with jumps in time-dependent convex Càdlàg Domains, under revision in “Stochastic Processes and Their Applications”, (2020), (joint work with M. Eddahbi and I. Fakhouri)
On Reflected Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Regulated Semimartingales, under revision in Statistics and Probability Letters”, (2020), (joint work with A. Hilbert and I. Jarni)
Multidimensional Generalized BSDEs with weak monotonicity and general growth generators in a general filtration, submitted (2020) (joint work with T. El Mellali, R. Belfadli and Y. Ouknine).
Lp(p >=2)–solutions of multidimensional Generalized BSDEs with weak monotonicity and general growth generators in a general filtration: existence, uniqueness, stability and comparison, submitted (2020), (joint work with T. El Mellali, R. Belfadli and Y. Ouknine).
Doubly Reflected BSDEs in the predictable setting, (2019), arXiv preprint, arXiv:1908.08076, (joint work with I. Arharas and S. Bouhadou)
On reflection with two-sided jumps, (2019), Submitted, (joint work with I. Jarni).
Pathwise uniqueness and approximation of stochastic differential equations with jumps, submitted, (2020), (joint work with K. Nasroallah).
On the strict value of the non-linear optimal stopping problem, Submitted to « Electronic Communications in Probability », (2020), (joint work with M. Grigorova, P. Imkeller, M.-C. Quenez).

Ravi Prakash Ranjan

Ranjan, R. P., & Bhattacharyya, M. (2018). Does investor attention to energy stocks exhibit power-law?. Energy Economics*, 75, 573-582.
Ranjan, R. P., & Kar, R. (2014). The Dynamics of Money Velocity, External Sectors and Electronic Transactions in India: Connecting dots using Empirical Approach. Journal of Applied Economics & Business Research, 4(3).
Ranjan, R.P. and Bhattacharyya M, “Why Adaptive Consumer Confidence Models?”, under review in Journal of Economic, Dynamics and Control*.
Ranjan, R.P. and Bhattacharyya M, “When and how does information demand peak?”, Submitted to Journal of Business and Economic Statistics*.

(* indicates the journal is ranked A* in ABDC rankings)

Bouchra Rahmouni

Femme et entrepreneur, c’est possible
Géopolitique de la Méditerranée
ATLANTIC CURRENTS: An Annual Report on Wider Atlantic Perspectives and Patterns

Jean Staune

Jean Staune is the author of several books, individual and collective, in the philosophy of science.
His last two books “The Keys to the Future” and “Collective Intelligence” bring together all the expertise he has assembled in these areas.

Les clés du futur
L’intelligence Collective – Clé du monde de demain

François Therin

Handbook of research on Techno-Entrepreneurship
Gestion de l’innovation technologique