Message of the dean

At the start of this new decade, we face technological mutations, digital leap frogs, rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, there are mutations of the expectations of employees and clients, mutations of the complexity. To cope with these changes, one must continuously build new skill, new competencies.

We aim to stimulate students to become life-long learners, beyond the curriculum they go through at ABS. Our students need to learn not only skills in classical functional domains. We will continue to need management modules, finance, accounting, human resources management, law, marketing and strategy…

But our new work activities are shifting from collecting and processing data and predictable activities to work involving more application of expertise, and more interaction with stakeholders, more management and more people development.

This requires more social, emotional, creative competencies and more advanced cognitive capabilities, as well as new leadership models and new management paradigms. Hence our mission to develop student’s analytical and holistic capability, both quantitative and qualitative, both cognitive and emotional, both focusing on technology and engineering, and management. To move from a mechanistic view of the world to being comfortable with a world where change and uncertainty are the norm.

Younes Kchia

Africa Business School Dean

Message of the dean - Africa Business School