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Our Service Lines

Advisory Projects

ABS Advisory partners with your teams to help you identify solutions and build capabilities to address the challenges on hand. This leads to delivering a project with your teams, the Advisors & the Advisory Team on:

bullet  Solving a strategic or business management issue by a building strategy, leveraging governance mechanisms, decision rights, and adapting the operating model.
bullet  Identifying solutions to complex issues through research
bullet  Making informed decisions through building addressing your company’s specific needs.
bullet  Transforming knowledge into organizational capabilities.
bullet  Building a World-Class Function.

C-suite Service Lines

ABS Advisory is developing tailor-made services to support Executives through on-demand and regular service lines dedicated to C-Suite Executives. Our Senior Advisors have extensive experience with Senior Management & Board members of international companies and can help you:

bullet  Make decisions through expertise consultation.
bullet  Strengthen your skills in facing new challenges and address cross-departmentalissues.
bullet  Align the C-Suite & Board members to address topics or challenges involving multiple stakeholders.
bullet  Identifying and leveraging the team’s key capabilities to achieve the company’s strategic objectives.
bullet  Making strategic decisions through analysis and research in focus groups with the executive members.

Topics we can support you with

dicip Strategy & Business management

bullet  Strategic Management
bullet  Governance & Decision Rights
bullet  Operating Models & Systems
bullet  Organizational Behavior & Culture
bullet  Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Foresight

dicip Energy and Sustainability

bullet  ESG Stakeholder Engagement
bullet  Transition to Alternative Energy Sources
bullet  Environmental Footprint
bullet  Decarbonization Strategy

dicip Finance

bullet  Sustainable Finance
bullet  Corporate Finance
bullet  Public Funding
bullet  Digital Banking & Fintech
bullet  Market Finance

dicip Digital transformation

bullet  Digital Transformation Strategy
bullet  Digitalization & Digitization
bullet  Operating Models & Cyber Governance
bullet  Digital Cultural Transformation & Change Management

dicip Supply chain and value network

bullet  Supply Chain Strategy
bullet  African Value Networkss
bullet  Organizing the Supply Chain Function

dicip Marketing & Pricing

bullet  Marketing Strategy & Models
bullet  Customer Centricity
bullet  Pricing & Market Modeling
bullet  Branding

dicip Entrepreneurship & Innovation

bullet  Entrepreneurship
bullet  Innovation and Intrapreneurship

Projects Overview

Many projects have been conducted on several functional and sectorial topics, here are some examples

Energy and Sustainability​
Modeling & Analytics
Strategy & Business management​
Knowledge management tools & models
Strategy & Business management
Supply chain & value network
Marketing & Pricing
Supply chain &
value network​
Logistics models
Distribution models


Project overview

In order to develop and implement a de-carbonization roadmap for the
Client, ABS Advisory collaborates with a third party to support the
client’s ‘Climate Change’ team to:

bullet  Switch from a laborious annual calculation process per site to a
monthly calculation process

bullet  Design a granular model to quantify the carbon intensity by
product and by production unit at a monthly regularity with easy
integration into the group’s projection interfaces

bullet  Structure all the data and calculation formulas within the same
platform paired/combined within the same model

bullet  Acquire tools to monitor the different sources of emissions in
order to be able to identify the levers available to the client to
achieve its decarbonization objectives

Key themes

#Carbon footprint
#Climate change
#Forecast model

1 advisor contributed to this project, specializing in :

Modeling & Analytics


Project overview

In line with the client’s current transformation and challenges, it has become mandatory to establish a system that will capture and structure knowledge across the organization.
In fact, the main objective of the project is to understand and define a Knowledge Management (KM) system within the client’s organization and define its circulation across the different levels and strategic business units. In this context, key steps have been set:

bullet  Set up KM strategic intent & benchmarks based on best practices

bullet  Identify the client’s organizational strengths and challenges and adapt KM proposition to the group’s business accordingly

bullet  Expand by adapting KM system in other strategic business units

bullet  Define KM maturity model

Key themes

#Knowledge management
#Knowledge creation
#Knowledge transfer
#Knowledge protection

2 advisors contributed to this project, specializing in :

Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Data Mining, Strategic management and Knowledge management


Project overview

The client is going through a wider transformation project. It was important to design/define Day-1 of the SBU’s key functions: Supply chain, Sales & Marketing, Finance and M&A & Partnerships; to accompany the new operating business model for a strategic business unit (SBU), with the advisors.
To this end, research frameworks have been leveraged, to:

bullet  Define state-of-the-art related to World-Class functions, including markers of excellence considering the client’s business challenges

bullet  Define the distribution of Roles & Responsibilities between Corporate, Global SBU & Regions

bullet  Identify and analyze significant benchmarks of WorldClass functions

bullet  Conduct process maturity assessment to define the plan’s ability to consistently and continuously contribute to achieving organizational objectives.

bullet  Profile heads of each function and identify training and skill development needs.

Key themes

#Markers of excellence
#World class function
#Process Maturity Assessment
#Strategic Management

7 Advisors contributed to this project, specializing In:

Corporate Governance, Strategic Marketing Customer Centricity, Satisfaction & Behavior, ESG, Supply Chain & Value Network, Financial Strategy


Project overview

The client needs to clarify its future strategic positioning with reference to the supply chain (SC) in each country and adapt the SC operating model accordingly.
When designing the SC operating model, strategic intent was set:

bullet  Strategic objectives were defined by using a value equation identifies the core values of the company to be competitive.

bullet  Strategic positioning within the value network, by finding the optimal positioning and the target market

Key themes

#Supply Chain
#Value Network
#Value equation
#Value discipline
#Value chain

1 Advisor contributed to this project, specializing in:

Supply chain & Value network