Master in Business Analytics For Transformation

Start Date
January 2024

Africa Business School campus, UM6P, Rabat

– Business analysts and consultants
– Managers
– Tech-entrepreneurs

9 months for certificates
2 years for the whole diploma


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Our world is experiencing a profound transformation, partly propelled by the digital tsunami.

Each of us faces a decisive choice: either denying it or deciding to embrace this new paradigm and leverage it to empower our professional lives. For many of us unfamiliar with this field or who do not have a mathematics background, this latter choice may seem arduous, risky, and even unreachable. Indeed, AI and analytics appear like a very technical domain, full of technical jargon. And we can feel overwhelmed by what we must catch up.

At Africa Business School we firmly believe that, with a high commitment, learning how to harness data, analytics, and AI to transform businesses is not impossible.

First, it is possible to understand the main concepts of Business Analytics and its big sister AI without a solid mathematical background.

Secondly, Analytics is not just a technical skill or technological trend but a leadership imperative. According to an iron law established by BCG, 70% of the effort of an Analytics project relies in transforming the way business functions operate, including business processes and change management.

With this in mind, and driven by the desire to make Analytics accessible to everyone, we offer the Master in Business Analytics for Transformation program.

Welcome on board the Master in Business Analytics for Transformation, an enriching qualitative-quantitative, business, and introspective journey.

Learning Outcomes

The Master in Business Analytics for Transformation aims at empowering its learners by equipping them with the most required skills in our changing world. Following the ABS mindset, these skills cover the six levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, from technical skills to creativity.

Pedagogical Team

Our faculty members are highly experienced in research and executive training. They bring a diverse set of expertise from their experience with leading international organizations and universities.


Executive Master in Business Analytics for Transformation


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