Custom Programs

A Transformational Learning Journey

Custom programs are tailor-made, dedicated to organizations to answer key challenges of the business and have an impact on leadership models.

Knowledge can be transferred at two levels:


Custom programs – given their strong connection to the field – have disrupted both how learning programs are designed and the purpose of these programs, which, in addition to upskilling employees, has become a powerful driver of change within companies.


Yasmina Lamtiri,

Director of Custom Programs

Our Approach

Action Learning

Learning based on business cases, seminars, workshops ,… in order to motivate knowledge.

Capacity Building

An integrated approach of learning which allows participants to acquire a holistic understanding of the key business challenges.

Blended Learning

Bringing together theoretical & experiential learning: an iterative model that mixes didactic and experiential learning. Through this approach, participants could create their own mental models based on assumptions that they will confirm or invalidate through their individual experiences.

Collaborative learning

People-centric learning based on connecting participants with the information they need and in the most appropriate formats through peer –to-peer learning and collective intelligence.


Research outcomes and research methodologies are fully integrated in our learning processes.

Categories of Custom programs

Top management “EXCO” programs

Programs aimed to provide senior executives with new ways to implement strategies and manage complexity, including adaptative leadership and new paradigms of transformation.

High Potential Programs

Programs aimed to give the necessary skills and tools to middle and/or junior leaders to immerse themselves in their organization’s culture and understand better their business model in order to be agents of effective change.

All levels of employees

Leaning programs aimed to align all level of employers of an organization towards a common vision and objectives regarding a strategic theme.

Dissemination of transversal knowledge

Transversal topics require innovative models of dissemination of knowledge and learning mechanisms to be in place, such:

bullet  Digital transformation

bullet  Sustainability

bullet  Innovation

Specialized training

These are intended for practitioners in order to become experts / top performers in their functions whithin their organizations.

Examples of topics addressed :

bullet  Business Analytics

bullet  Supply Chain

bullet  Organizational Development

Examples of Custom programs


Beyond is a learning and onboarding program for young talents, that aims to :

bullet  Grow their capabilities and increase their knowledge while embedding OCP’s industrial and customer-centric culture

bullet  Be a catalyst for the creation of a generation of future agents of change with the passion to learn continuously, and explore

Digital for All

A transformational program aimed to unite all employees around digital transformation from all the different levels of a complex structure with a dedicated and adapted learning path for each level to ensure transmission of knowledge and effective integration of digital culture into all operations and areas of the business.


Training cycle for the Excom of an insurance company

The program aims to support the transformation of our client through change management skills, innovation, and organizational agility.
The learning outcomes could be summarized as follows:

bullet  Develop innovative knowledge on the strategy, leadership, collective intelligence, change management and collaboration in the digital era

bullet  Bring an outside view to the leadership profile of the EXCO.

bullet  Co-create new perspectives on upcoming business models and the contribution of collective intelligence to them.

bullet  Exchange and validate together the consistency of the course around the strategic projects of EXCOM.

International Awards

In May 2022, EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) awarded ABS the Gold EFMD Talent Development award for the 2022 edition for its program Beyond
This program has been jointly designed and implemented by ABS, the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) and OCP Group to empower the next generation of talent, transform and accelerate business transition to the next S-curve. 
This international prize rewards ABS for its academic excellence in supporting its client companies. It highlights our effectiveness in contributing to a culture of inclusive and transformational leadership at all levels, as well as its commitment to fostering inspiring and effective leadership.