Custom Programs

We offer you tailored programs: As part of our learning and research DNA, we offer tailor-made programs for public and private organizations; our programs are designed to answer key challenges of business transformation and their impact on leadership models. We support companies in changing the mindset of their organizations through a unique pedagogy based on action learning.

Our integrated 5-step process is designed to answer your learning objectives:

1. Diagnosis
2. Program Design
3. Content & Methodology development
4. Implementation
5. Assesment

Many large organizations have already trusted our tailored programs, our speakers are top-notch professors/consultants operating on an international scale with renowned organizations.

Beyond program

in collaboration with IMD

Program ambition
— Develop capacities and increase knowledge while integrating our client’s industrial and customer-oriented culture with young talents — Be a catalyst for the creation of a generation of future ambidextrous change leaders with the ability to learn continuously, explore and exploit
Learning outcomes
— Learn, explore and impact
— Industrial DNA and on-site learning “When understanding the product and its production process is as important as understanding the customer
— Connect to learn “The added value comes from authentic exchanges with others
— Techno Fluent: “Where technology becomes obvious and necessary

Custom Programs - Africa Business School

Training cycle

for the Excom of an insurance plyayer

Program ambition
Support the transformation of our client in an environment that requires change management skills, innovation and organizational agility
Learning outcomes
— Develop innovative knowledge on the themes of strategy, leadership, collective intelligence, change management and collaboration in the digital era
— Bring an outside view to the leadership profile of the EXCO
— Co-create new perspectives on upcoming business models and the contribution of collective intelligence to them
— Exchange and validate together the consistency of the course around the strategic projects of EXCOM

Custom Programs - Africa Business School

Training the Executive board

of a major player in the education sector in Morocco

Program ambition
Train our client’s executive committee to execute its 2020-2024 vision
Learning outcomes
— Training on the themes of strategy, organization, performance management, leadership, project management and the use of data in strategic decision-making processes
— Reflective, innovative, experiential and multimodal pedagogy
— The contribution of different and disruptive views on leadership and management
— Adaptation to the specifics of our client

Custom Programs - Africa Business School

Selected faculty

Our faculty members come from a network of renowned universities and academic centers of excellence