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The inclusive hub of lifelong learners and mindful doers, shaping the business & societal landscape in Africa and beyond.

About Africa Business School

A learning business school, for learning organizations

Africa Business School  supports the transformation of organizations through Research, Advisory and Learning. Our goal is to impact the operating models of your organization by supporting individuals through this transformation.
Established in 2016, with the aim of being the leading business school in Africa, specializing in Research, Advisory and Learning, ABS is the business school of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P).
Dedicated to creating the continent’s future leaders through training, research, and innovation, ABS aspires to make learners confident in responding to the most crucial challenges facing Africa and the world. Africa Business School introduces a different perspective to leadership, with a hybrid approach to teaching centered on the human being.
All of its programs take a holistic approach, aiming for the participants to develop analytical and practical skills, both quantitative and qualitative, cognitive and emotional, managerial, and technological. A cornerstone of their studies is training them on their sense of responsibility to society to be culturally and socially responsible leaders.

Students at ABS are trained and educated on social responsibility, critical thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, coding and business analytics, applied research, and African problematics. They are constantly connected to a large network of innovative stakeholders across a wide range of sectors. They are exposed to multi-disciplinary research and groundbreaking education methods to enhance their holistic and analytical competencies and allow them to embrace paradox and lead in fast moving and complex environments.


Enable organizations transformation

through research, advisory and learning by acting as an agent for change.

Train the next generation of leaders

to be critical thinkers, creative entrepreneurs, and socially responsible actors.

Develop multi-disciplinary research and groundbreaking education methods

to enhance students’ practical and analytical competencies, encourage them to embrace paradoxes and be leaders in fast-moving and complex environments.

Stimulate collaborative innovation

with a reach beyond the classroom, and facilitate connections between learners with stakeholders across a wide range of sectors.

Build an ever-evolving thriving network of change makers

learners, alumni, researchers, faculty, staff, organizations, academic institutions, and public sector players.

Act as both a source of knowledge and a bridge for its diffusion

in and out of Africa.


Develop leadership and self-awareness through world-class coaching and mentoring.

Use real-time problems that African companies are facing as starting points for bottom-up research initiatives.

Link theory, research, and practice, inspiring and inviting students to apply knowledge in real-life, market settings.


Executive Degrees

Short Programs


With an emphasis on diversity at ABS, we believe in building strong partnerships with universities and institutions from around the globe. These relationships allow us to constantly enrich our programs and build a networking community.

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