About Learning Programs

Our mission

We design innovative learning journeys and integrate world-class management knowledge to transform people and organizations in fast-moving and complex environments, with a special focus on Africa. We continuously create and develop our training programs to the benefit of the performance of our participants as well as the private and public organizations. Our academic approach is embedded with the values of Africa Business School in the perspective of training responsible executives who will care for the sustainable performance of organizations.

Our portfolio consists of a variety of programs to meet the training needs of all individuals. It includes :

bullet  Open programs: Short courses and Certificates, typically 2 to 20 days in length, that address targeted skill development needs. Degree programs, generally at Master’s level, both general (e.g. Executive MBA) and specialized (e.g. supply chain management, data analytics or digital transformation)

bullet  Custom programs: Designed to support the transformation of organizations and specific skill development. The duration ranges from a few days to several months. To explore our full range, please consult our custom programs.

Why us?

ABS has chosen a very different approach from the usual business schools offering mainly Executive Education programs:

bullet  Designed to have a sustainable impact within organizations. The approach is based on active learning, ensures a high level of interactivity and encourages the commitment of everyone throughout and beyond the training.

bullet  With multidisciplinary content and innovative approaches directed/led by a faculty composed of experts with doctoral qualifications and substantial practical experience in management and leadership. ABS also cooperates with leading international institutions and researchers.

bullet  Focus at the same time on the learning, emotional and behavioral skills of participants and develop both quantitative and qualitative leadership skills.


We combine modern management sciences with the best of African practices and heritage to equip future leaders to responsibly face tomorrow’s challenges in our unique and highly dynamic continent.


Abdel-Maoula Chaar,

Director of Academic Affairs, Africa Business School

Our learning methods

Focus on action learning and integrated multi-disciplinary courses.

Innovative learning methods at ABS include hybrid approach, serious games, case studies, learning trips, facilitation and coaching.

Develop a growth mindset and learning organizations.

Build competencies across the Emotion- Cognition- Behavior tryptic.

Connectivist pedagogy 

that reaches beyond the classroom and connects learners with stakeholders across a wide range of learning experiences.

Build competencies

across the Emotion- Cognition- Behavior tryptic

African footprint

Act as both an engine and a bridge for the diffusion and expansion of African Business and Societal Innovations to the rest of the world.

3 reasons to choose our programs


Multidisciplinary content and state-of-the-art teaching methods

Internationally renowned professors and academic partners

Personalized learning journeys