Exciting Partnership Update with JESA

Navigating Leadership Growth and Networking Opportunities at the Midpoint of JESA’s Accelerator Program We’ve recently achieved a significant milestone with our Manager Accelerator Program (MAP) for JESA, reaching the program’s halfway point in its inaugural year. Since its launch, our commitment to education and leadership development has provided enriching experiences and personal growth for our 250 participants, reinforcing our belief in the program’s value and potential impact on JESA’s future...
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Exciting Partnership Update with Marjane Group

Thriving Partnership: Tailored Training Solutions Elevating Marjane Group’s Diverse Management Layers to New Heights. We’re delighted to announce our flourishing partnership with Marjane Group, a rapidly expanding client that has become a key account in our portfolio. Their growing demand for customized training programs is both impressive and inspiring, underscoring their commitment to continuous improvement and development.A standout feature of our collaboration with Marjane Group is the diversity of their...
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Africa Business School joins forces with Instats

Africa Business School is officially affiliated with Instats— the Institute for Statistical and Data Science. Instats provides an array of live and on-demand seminars, along with structured courses, focusing on statistics and data science.  ABS is proud to partner with this global platform dedicated to improving research practices. Visit for more information.
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