Executive Certificate Finance Maroc

Start Date
Septembre 2024

UM6P Rabat, Morocco

Managers and Leaders;
Executives within the banking and financial sector;
Accountants or management controllers.

20 Days over 8 Months


Managers and Leaders
Executives within the banking and financial sector
Accountants or management controllers.





HEC Paris


The executive certificate in finance developed in partnership with HEC Paris aims to solve the problems that every leader may face when doing risk control for value creation, and is developing a financial policy and packages, looking into legal and tax measures.

Upon completion of the certificate program, you will be able to:

bullet  Master the main concepts of corporate finance.
bullet  Deepen your knowledge of finance and carry out a financial diagnosis.
bullet  Evaluate a company and understand financial policy.
bullet  Master the financial stakes of an external growth operation.
bullet  Integrate the financial dimension into the general strategy of the company.


This program consists of modules taught in the MSc in Financial Engineering you will benefit of the modules included in the mandatorycertificate in « Business Performance Management ».

The teaching of the certificate is adapted to the Moroccan / African context.

Preparation of a strategic and financial diagnosis applicable to the company under the guidance of a professor or an expert from HEC Paris.

Numerous group works, concrete cases and individual tests.
A Tailored support in the realization of a financial and strategic diagnosis.


Module 1 | Establishing a financial diagnosis and value creation

bullet  Financial diagnosis
bullet  Basic principles of valuation
bullet  Investment choices
bullet   Profitability and market risks.

Module 2 | Evaluating a company and mastering market techniques

bullet  Business valuation techniques
bullet  Financial risk management: Derivatives
bullet  International financial management: the key financial centres and mechanisms

Module 3 | Creating value through financial policies in emerging countries

bullet  Financial policy in emerging markets
bullet  Bank financing
bullet  Bond market: threats and opportunities
bullet  Capital increase
bullet  The company and the financial markets: merger operations, IPO, capital increase, public offers

Module 4 | Understanding financial strategies and financial decisions in emerging countries

bullet  Value creation strategies


Executive Certificate in Finance