Exchange Session “Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Transformation

March 18 @ 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
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As part of the launch of the Master in Business Analytics for Transformation

Exploring the Role of Data Analytics in Business Transformation: Insights from Africa Business School’s Private Event as part of the imminent launch of the Master in Business Analytics for Transformation

On Monday, March 18th, Africa Business School hosted a compelling exchange session centered around the theme “Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Transformation: Integrating Analytics into the Core of Your Organization.” The event served as a precursor to the imminent launch of the Master in Business Analytics for Transformation program.

The session commenced with a convivial ftour, setting the stage for engaging discussions. Professor Jean Staune inaugurated the dialogue, providing a contextual backdrop on data utilization and the contemporary challenges facing businesses worldwide.

Prof. Staune emphasized the pivotal importance of mastering data usage and artificial intelligence, accentuating his points with vivid examples, concrete anecdotes, and success stories. In today’s digital landscape, information reigns supreme, underscoring the criticality of data-related inquiries. The manipulation of data stands as an indispensable facet of modern operations. Prof. Staune concluded by asserting that while AI and data facilitate remarkable narratives, they harbor limitations, underscoring the perennial necessity of human involvement.

Following Prof. Staune’s enlightening introduction, Salma Chakir, Managing Partner at Catalyst IA, and Agnes Gorge, Director of the MBAT program, jointly led the interactive exchange session with the participants.

The session aimed to bridge the chasm between theoretical paradigms and real-world organizational dynamics, contextualizing concepts within participants’ everyday realities. Chakir and Gorge kickstarted proceedings by unveiling a conceptual roadmap outlining the indispensable stages for successful transformation. This framework served as a springboard for dialogue, allowing participants to articulate their experiences, identify requisite competencies, pinpoint challenges, and elucidate internal practices vis-à-vis these transformational stages.

A diverse array of stakeholders representing various sectors including banking, corporate entities, and public institutions congregated, sharing their distinct experiences with data utilization, emerging technologies, and artificial intelligence within their respective organizations. While some recounted challenges, such as data fragmentation within their enterprises, others regaled success stories, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. These shared narratives unveiled prevailing trends and diverse approaches, encompassing skill enhancement, user-centricity, customer journey mapping, among others, thereby bridging the chasm between high-tech aspirations and operational realities.


March 18
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
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