Kick-off of the Master in Business Analytics for Transformation

April 20
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MBAT, Africa Business School’s new flagship program

The Master in Business Analytics For Transformation (MBAT), Africa Business School’s new flagship program, kicked off on Saturday, April 20. The event featured key messages from the program director and vice dean, addressing the challenges of success in the digital age.

Africa Business School tackles these challenges with a program that:

• Is accessible to all, targeting a diverse audience beyond engineers or scientific profiles.
• Takes a practical and holistic approach, focusing on learning through business applications and viewing professions through an analytics lens.
• Emphasizes profound transformation, guiding students in identifying potential applications and practicing comprehensive project management in Analytics.

During the kickoff, it was emphasized that despite the performance of advanced analytical tools and models, their adoption remains insufficient. Success in the digital age requires becoming a Generalizing Specialist, understanding both technology and its implications.

Efficient change management approaches are crucial for adopting technologies and solutions inferred by analytics tools and models, involving strategies, business models, and operating models. Incumbents who fail to manage change risk disruption, as data, digital, and analytics become integral to disruptive business models. Organizations must adapt to exponential technological change, particularly complex auto-adaptive organizations.