Enhancement of the quest for knowledge and lifelong learning skills in line with the global, local and African development.
Acquaint the researchers and executives with knowledge of conducting research.
Boost the competence to engage in the scientific investigation process leading to intervening and impactful results.


International and local aspirants as well as executives who would like to pursue an academic and/or research career in academic institutions, research organizations, business entities, government and social enterprises around the world.


Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Benguerir Morocco.


Researchers and executives will be equipped with research skills, critical thinking, analytical ability and problem-solving skills that empower them to take realistic decisions and provide expert advice to industry and society in the relevant field.

Research clusters

Organizational Behavior
Management & Innovation

Program structure

4 years
Research Orientation
Year 1 – (semester 1 & 2): Predoctoral
Year 2 – (semester 3 & 4): Research Exploration Phase 1
Year 3 – (semester 5 & 6): Research Ideation Phase 2
Year 4 – (semester 7 & 8): Research Action Phase 2




A master’s degree from an institution recognized by the University
Fulfil the English language requirement
Have experience in carrying out research independently

Research ecosystem

Availability of state-of-the-art infrastructure
Access to library resources – databases, e-journals etc.
Continuous research skill trainings
Access to interdisciplinary departments
Exposure to course works for knowledge development
Exposure to interdisciplinary industry-oriented research areas
Exposure to workshops, conferences, seminars and symposiums
Academic collaboration with university departments
Accommodation on campus
Access to sports facilities
Access to logistics facilities


Application form
Research Proposal (3000 words –Title, Introduction, Literature review, Researchgap, Problem formulation, Research questions, Assumptions, (if any), Methodology and tentative analysis)
Research Philosophy
Letter of motivation
References/ 2 recommendations