Executive Master in Business Administration

Start Date
October 2023

UM6P Rabat, Morocco
Columbia Business School, New York USA Study Trip (2 weeks)
Africa Study Trip (1 week)

Candidates must hold a Master’s degree or equivalent ; Candidates with a minimum of 5 years of professional experience and at least 3 years in a management role with demonstrated English proficiency;;

18 Months

A blend of block weeks and weekends (Friday and Saturday)






Columbia Business School


The Executive MBA is designed and delivered in collaboration with Columbia Business School. The curriculum delves deeply into leadership, strategy, management, and innovation through modern and hybrid pedagogical methods such as flipped classrooms, case studies drawn from the African context, and real-life simulations of the boardroom, the trading floor, the start-up, and the negotiation table. The program is tailored to meet the needs of African professionals and decision makers by allowing them to:

bullet  Acquire a solid theoretical and applied understanding of the macroeconomy and the economic environment in which firms operate;

bullet  Understand the specificities of business in Africa and emerging markets;

bullet  Think systematically and strategically about critical management issues concerning consumer demand, costs, pricing, market competition, and organizational incentives.

Selected Faculty

  An International Faculty masterfully weaves business theory with practice, allowing participants to apply what they learn in the classroom to their current positions in real-time.


Benefit from a prestigious collaboration with Columbia Business School resulting in 3 Executive Certificates and all of CBS Alumni benefits.

In depth analysis of African context and emerging markets through specific case studies and aweek of immersion in an African country (Outside of Morocco) during the Study Trip.


By successfully completing the program, the students will earn:

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University Master’s Degree
3 Certificates from Columbia Business School:

Learn more about the African context and emerging markets through specific case studies and an immersion week in an African country during the Africa Study Trip.

Certificate in Business Strategy
(4 modules in Strategy)

Certificate in Business Leadership
(4 modules in Leadership)