Advance the pursuit of knowledge and lifelong learning skills in line with the global, local and Africa development.
Familiarize the researchers and executives with the knowledge of steering research with adequate competence to engage in the scientific enquiry processes, leading to intervening and impactful result.


Working professionals, senior managers, emerging managers and middle managers who would like to pursue their interest to upbuild their proficient functional engagements for solving the business problems of organizations.


Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Benguerir Morocco.


Researchers and executives will be equipped with research skills, advance research skills, critical thinking, analytical ability, and problem-solving skills that empower them to take realistic decisions and provide expert advice to industry and business.

Research clusters

Business analytics
Organisational behavior and leadership
Entrepreneurship and innovation management
Finance and accounting




A Master’s degree from an institution recognized by the University
Fulfill the English language requirement
Have experience in carrying out research independently

Program structure

4 years
Research Orientation
Year 1 – (semester 1 & 2): Research Exploration Phase 1
Year 2 – (semester 3 & 4): Research Ideation Phase 2
Year 3 – (semester 5 & 6): Research Action Phase 2

Ecosystem within University for the program implementation

Internal Senior Faculty members of ABS
Availability of state-of-the-art Infrastructure – computer labs, innovation labs, classrooms,
Inter disciplinary departments
Library resource
Faculty collaboration different departments
Research training
Exposure to workshops, conferences, seminars and symposiums
Exposure to industries
Exposure to government and social enterprises


Application Form
Research Proposal (3000 Words)
Letter of Motivation
Recommendation letter (2 Nos)