Enhancement of research related knowledge and skills for those aspiring to pursue a doctoral program or/and a career in conducting impactful research.
Creating awareness about the latest research trends in the fields of management and business studies.
To highlight the management challenges – especially in the perspective of Africa and Morocco – and to prepare students to deal with these.


The program aims to empower students and executives from Morocco who are aspiring to pursue a doctoral degree from a reputable university, or to build a career in conducting impactful research, but are not quite ready for this.
The program aims to develop future research leaders for Morocco and Africa who will influence the practice of Business and Management through their impactful research.
By providing both financial and logistical support, the program reflects the philosophy of UM6P to give back to society and community, and to build a culture of learning and innovation.


Local aspirants, including recent graduates and as well as executives who are planning to pursue an academic and/or research career in academic institutions, research organizations, business entities, government and social enterprises.


Africa Business School, Rabat Morocco.


Participants will be equipped with latest research skills, critical thinking, and analytical ability that provide foundations to build a research-based career either in academia or industry.

Courses Taught

Basic Research Courses:
Research Orientation
Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Developing Research Proposals

Functional Area Courses:
Business Analytics
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
International Business
Organizational Behavior

Program structure (1 Year)

Semester 1:
Understanding Research (Research Orientation and Research Methods)

Semester 2:
Developing Research Competence in Functional Areas (courses in Functional Areas, such as Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Finance)

Semester 3:
Developing Competence in Functional Areas (courses in Functional Areas, such as Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, International Business)

Semester 4:
Developing Research Proposal (Developing Research Proposal on selected topic working closely with a supervisor from Africa Business School)




A master’s degree from an institution recognized by the University
Fulfil the English language requirement
Basic understanding of research process

Research Ecosystem

Availability of state-of-the-art infrastructure
Access to library resources – databases, e-journals etc.
Access to interdisciplinary departments
Exposure to interdisciplinary industry-oriented research areas


Detailed resume/CV in English, providing at least the following information:
Details of previous Education
Details of Master’s degree (Accreditation status, Research-based, Country, Field etc.)
Details of work experience (if any)
Details of prior research experience (such as publications, participation in research conferences, research awards, if any)

A cover letter in English, providing the following information:
A statement of motivation to do a Ph.D. (Explain why you intend to enroll in an MPhil/Ph.D. program. What are your future plans after graduation with a Ph.D.?, Why did you apply to UM6P? , Why do you believe you are qualified for a Ph.D. candidature, etc.)
Research proposal with Title, Introduction, Research gap, and Research questions (not more than 2-3 pages)
Identification of primary and secondary research clusters (from the seven clusters provided at the top of this document)
Preference to do a Ph.D. as a full time/part-time student
Past test scores (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, or your rank in previous university admission tests, etc. if available)

A writing sample. For research master’s degree holders, it should be the master’s thesis. For non-research master’s degree holders, it can be a report you made, an essay or assignment you submitted, or any other writing sample reflective of your writing skills.

The deadline for application is 31st May 2022

After Completing Research Foundation Program

After successful completion of the program, students will be able to apply for various Doctoral programs within and outside Morocco. They would also be able to pursue a research-based career in industry.
Africa Business School (ABS) is planning to offer a PhD program (conditional on the approval of accreditation). When ABS offers its PhD program, students who have completed the 1-year research foundation program would be eligible to get admission into the PhD program.


Research Foundation - Africa Business School

” I joined Africa Business School after I have just graduated with an engineer’s degree in Business Intelligence from ENSAH (École Nationale des sciences appliqués Al-Hoceima) last June. After taking part and winning prizes in many international competitions to name a few: Qatar, France, etc… And after being nominated Best Innovator Morocco 2019. I was aspired to pursue a career in conducting impactful research and to have an influence on the practice of business Intelligence. Hence, I was searching for a program that is targeted at individuals who are considering enrolling in any doctoral program in business and management. I found that the program that best suits my interests and fits into my future academic vision is the One Year Research Foundation Program provided by ABS. The program has a dual aim: it aims at providing participants an understanding of what research at the doctoral level entails; and at an operational level, it aims at familiarizing participants with the tools needed to develop a concept paper and/or research proposal. Universities across the world have canceled classes and vacated campuses as the Coronavirus pandemic grows. In this challenging time, Africa Business School did not abandon its students. Offering us free access to its e-learning platforms and providing us with live courses presented by high qualified professors. In addition to a series of webinars to deliver an interactive learning experience for all regardless of location. ABS has also implemented programs and training sessions to complement the taught courses. If you have just graduated, and you are considering gaining a doctoral degree. I strongly advise you to enroll in the Research Foundation Program at Africa Business School. This program will open many doors in your future career “

Ahmed Zahlan