Ph.D Program

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Enhancement of the quest for knowledge and lifelong learning skills in line with the global, and local African business landscape developments. Acquaint the researchers and executives with multi-disciplinary research. Develop the competence to engage in the scientific investigation process leading to disruptive and impactful results.

International and local aspirants as well as executives who would like to pursue an academic and/or research career in academic, or governmental institutions, research organizations, business or NGO enterprises, around the world.

UM6P Rabat, Morocco

Researchers and executives will acquire research skills, develop critical thinking, their analytical abilities and problem-solving skills that empower them to take realistic decisions and provide expert advice to industry and society in the relevant field.


Research Clusters

Transversal Research Streams




A master’s degree from an institution recognized by the University and the Ministry of Education.
Proficiency in spoken and written English
Experience in carrying out research independently


Selected Doctoral Projects

Supply Chain modelling and production planning in the chemical industry to create a Medium/Short
– term SC planning Tool for OCP Safi
(Ibtissam Guissou)

Supply chain network design of fertilizers’ distribution in East Africa
(Nadia Jaoui)

Innovation in the healthcare sector; multidisciplinary research applying business analytics tool to drive innovation in the health sector
(Ahmed Zahlan)

SME Ecosystem Financing: Elaboration of a rating model for SMEs; multidisciplinary research applying business analytics tools to banking/financial industry
(Amine Jaafar)

The behavior of Moroccan farmers toward educational digital platforms; multidisciplinary research applying the learning of digital technology towards marketing
(Imane Chabi)

Leadership in Smart University: Traditional universities transitioning to “Smart” in the Moroccan context; multidisciplinary research applying the learning of Organizational Behavior, change management and Leadership to the higher education industry
(Imane Loukili)

Digital Transformation of Value Networks
(Kaoutar Benjeddi)

The optimization of firms’ financial strategy and capital structure
(Lina Khaoulani)

Group concept mapping as a study to identify, analyze and compare entrepreneurial ecosystems of two Moroccan regions : – Tanger, Tetouan, Al Hocaïma- & – Laayoune, Sakia El Hamra-
(Nisrine Tahri)

Building ambidextrous organizations in Moroccan Context
(Oumaima Ait Hammou)

Leadership effectiveness during a crisis situation: The Moroccan case
(Soukaina Barnichi)


Proposed Research Topic
– Title, Introduction, Research gap,
Research questions (1000 words)
Detailed Resume (in English)
Statement of motivation to do a PhD