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With degrees in economics, management, philosophy, mathematics, computer science and paleontology, Jean Staune is at the same time a futurologist, researcher, teacher and management consultant.
He has been teaching in the MBA of the HEC group since 1995. Since 2019, Jean Staune has also been a consultant and professor affiliated with the Africa Business School.
Secretary General and Co-Founder of the Interdisciplinary University of Paris (a popular university association of law 1901), he was also a visiting professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome as well as at the University of Shandong in China and Researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne.


Jean Staune is the author of several books, individual and collective, in the philosophy of science.
His last two books “The Keys to the Future” and “Collective Intelligence” bring together all the expertise he has assembled in these areas.

Les clés du futur
L’intelligence Collective – Clé du monde de demain

Business experiences in similar programs

Jean Staune analyses the changes in society, which he approaches from the technological, scientific, sociological, and philosophical perspectives.
Thanks to his eclectic training and the attendance of the dozens of personalities (including 21 Nobel Prize laureates) who have participated in the programs he has organized at the Interdisciplinary University of Paris, he advises and puts at the service of decision makers tools to better understand the changes in progress and adapt to them.
He has held several conferences with Executive hearings and was the Program Director of the Zermatt Summit 2017.
He also organizes in-depth seminars for Corporate clients.

Examples of companies where he has worked

L’OREAL, LVMH Auchan, PSA, Thomson, Crédit Mutuel, DASSAULT, DEXIA, EDF, Malakoff Group, Banque Populaire, Medtronic, Thalès, Kéolis, Havas, Groupama, Lenovo. Leroy Merlin, Société Générale.