Ravi Prakash Ranjan - Africa Business School
Business Analytics, Financial Data Science, Working Capital Management


Dr Ravi Ranjan holds a PhD Degree in Decision Sciences from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIM-B). He has joined Africa Business School in the faculty of Business Analytics and Value Networks. Before joining ABS, he was working as a post-doctoral researcher in Operations, Planning, Accounting and Control Group at Eindhoven University of Eindhoven (TU/e) in the Netherlands. His research topics and interests revolve around Internet Search Trends, Financial Time Series Analysis, Stochastic Modelling, Supply Chain Finance and Working Capital Management. At TU/e, he was involved in a ‘Cash Flow Harmonization’ Project with NWO (Netherlands Scientific Organization) and DASCOVIMI project (understanding supply chain disruptions due to COVID 19). At ABS, he focuses on understanding – a) the financial risk management of SME’s and b) Consumer heterogeneity, behaviour and confidence in Africa. One of his recent papers on Investor Attention in Energy Market got published in Energy Economics. He has also been a member of the Surveillance Team as one of the leading stock exchanges and current part of the forecasting evaluation team of Royal Air Maroc.


Ranjan, R. P., & Bhattacharyya, M. (2018). Does investor attention to energy stocks exhibit power-law?. Energy Economics*, 75, 573-582.
Ranjan, R. P., & Kar, R. (2014). The Dynamics of Money Velocity, External Sectors and Electronic Transactions in India: Connecting dots using Empirical Approach. Journal of Applied Economics & Business Research, 4(3).
Ranjan, R.P. and Bhattacharyya M, “Why Adaptive Consumer Confidence Models?”, under review in Journal of Economic, Dynamics and Control*.
Ranjan, R.P. and Bhattacharyya M, “When and how does information demand peak?”, Submitted to Journal of Business and Economic Statistics*.

(* indicates the journal is ranked A* in ABDC rankings)

Business/Research Responsibilities

Member of the project ‘DASCOVIMI’ (Disruption Analyses of the Supply Chain due to Corona Virus, based on actual information, with focus on Manufacturing Industry) with TU/e, Industry Partners and Dutch Institute of Advanced Logistics.
Knowledge Dissemination in the form of courses as Quantitative Methods, R Programming (at IIMB), Integrated Financial and Operations Management (TU/e), Financial Time Series Training (with Reserve Bank of India) (for Master’s, PhD, and Executives).
Winner of Canara Bank Fintech Competition. Proposed a solution for reducing ‘Non-Performing Assets’ in the Financial Sector.
Reviewer for the Journal of “Technological Forecasting and Social Change”.