Exciting Partnership Update with JESA

Navigating Leadership Growth and Networking Opportunities at the Midpoint of JESA’s Accelerator Program

We’ve recently achieved a significant milestone with our Manager Accelerator Program (MAP) for JESA, reaching the program’s halfway point in its inaugural year. Since its launch, our commitment to education and leadership development has provided enriching experiences and personal growth for our 250 participants, reinforcing our belief in the program’s value and potential impact on JESA’s future leaders.We’re excited about the active participation from our attendees, as their enthusiasm underscores the relevance of this leadership training journey. The program has also facilitated meaningful networking opportunities, allowing participants to establish valuable connections for future growth.In the initial modules (1 and 2) of our MAPparticipants underwent crucial assessments—the TKI (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument) and the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). These assessments delved into individual profiles, shedding light on unique skill sets, needs, and characteristics. The TKI explored conflict resolution styles, while the MBTI provided insights into personality types, fostering critical thinking skills crucial for navigating team dynamics and decision-making processes.
Looking ahead, the MAP is set to expand its reach over the next two years, encompassing a total of 500 participants. This growth promises more opportunities for learning, development, and collaboration in the months to come. We express gratitude to everyone contributing to the program’s success, with special thanks to our colleagues from Shared Services and School of Collective Intelligence.

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