Exciting Partnership Update with Marjane Group

Thriving Partnership: Tailored Training Solutions Elevating Marjane Group’s Diverse Management Layers to New Heights.

We’re delighted to announce our flourishing partnership with Marjane Group, a rapidly expanding client that has become a key account in our portfolio. Their growing demand for customized training programs is both impressive and inspiring, underscoring their commitment to continuous improvement and development.
A standout feature of our collaboration with Marjane Group is the diversity of their training needs. Currently, we’re actively engaged with three distinct layers of management, customizing our offerings to different audiences and addressing various leadership aspects:- Challenging Business Seminars with Marjane’s COMEX: We’re honoured to conduct business seminars with Marjane’s COMEX, focusing on seamlessly blending visionary thinking with practical application. These sessions explore strategic vision while providing a hands-on, practical approach that resonates with the executive team.- Second Cohort Launch for Marjane’s COMEX N-1 Executives: As part of the Executive Leadership Cycle, we’re launching the second cohort for Marjane’s COMEX n-1 executives. This initiative equips upcoming leaders with the skills and insights needed to navigate the complexities of executive roles.- Marjane Hypermarket Directors: Additionally, we’ve formed two focused groups comprising directors from all hypermarkets across Morocco. This collaborative effort ensures effective addressing of specific challenges and opportunities faced by this management layer.
Our collaboration with Marjane Group is a source of immense pride, signifying their trust in our training solutions and challenging us to innovate and adapt continually. As we navigate these different management layers, we’re not just meeting current needs but actively contributing to the long-term growth and maturity of both organizations. This partnership with Marjane Group acts as a catalyst for our accelerated development, enabling us to comprehensively respond to their evolving demands.

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